Municipality of Triuggio: Amira specialists on the field for biodecontamination

Dealing with contamination management and control challenges on a daily basis, we offered our full availability to the Municipality of Triuggio when they contacted us for the biodecontamination of the Municipal Offices, the Parco Regionale della Valle del Lambro headquarters and the Local Police offices.

The applied technology is based on the use of hydrogen peroxide in vapor phase (V-PHP), which is particularly suitable to kill a wide spectrum of microorganisms and viruses. The low operating temperatures, the biodecontamination agent efficacy and the outstanding cycle speed allow also a rapid restoration of the operating condition.

Amira team of specialists is operating on the field, offering their experience and skills, to complete the biodecontamination as soon as possible and allow a safe reopening of the Municipality offices to the staff and the public.