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Innovative solutions for a total H2O2 V-Phase biodecontamination


Laminar flow trolley with VHP generator on-board and a fast-docking interface for cleanroom.

Bioreset® Max

The VHP generator to protect easily operators and environments from viruses and micro-organisms.

Bioreset® Smart V2

Single user interface and infinite connection modes with the smallest and most convenient V-PHP generator on the market.

Bioreset® Smart

The smallest and most convenient V-PHP generator on the market

Bioreset® Plus V2

The most complete and versatile V-PHP generator of its category offering a single user interface and infinite connection modes.

Bioreset® Pro

The first really integrated solution for a V-PHP generator

Bioreset® Pro-V

The first integrable V-PHP generator for cycles in positive pressure or in deep vacuum


Discover how to biodecontaminate complex and separate rooms with rapid and efficient cycles


A versatile system for ultra-fast distribution of the biodecontamination agent

Software 21 CFR compliant

Managing data security in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 is no more a challenge

Amira Probe

Probe for isokinetic sampling with automatic closing system