State-of-the-art solutions with hydrogen peroxide

De Lama, who has been dealing with sterilisation systems for the pharmaceutical industry for over 70 years, selected Amira as partner to develop a customised hydrogen peroxide generator to be integrated in two innovative equipment.

Read the article (now available in Italian) published by NCF – Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico in the October 2019 issue (n. 8) to find out how the collaboration between the two companies allowed to offer significant advantages to the end user in terms of effectiveness, distribution and repeatability of biodecontamination cycles.

Amira R&D team, based on needs and technical specifications defined by Da Lama, created a H2O2 generator that can be fully integrated into the new vacuum hydrogen peroxide decontamination units, called DLVHP / DE, and the new equipment for the actual sterilisation with high-pressure vacuum hydrogen peroxide, the DLVHP / ST.

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