VHP bio-decontamination: find out how to meet new Annex 1 at Rigel Academy event

Amira presenting VHP Biodecontamination @ Rigel Academy Event

VHP bio-decontamination, using vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide (V-PHP) as a cold sterilizing agent, allows to eliminate a broad spectrum of micro-organisms achieving 6 Log reduction (same level as sterilization) and reaching all exposed surfaces with a perfectly uniform gas distribution.

What a better ally for sterile drug manufacturers who have to meet different Annex 1 requirements such as sterilization of RABS gloves or other surfaces not easy to reach?

At “Rigel Academy: focus on the new EU GMP Annex 1 2022 Environmental and Process Monitoring” event planned in Rome on 18 April 2023, our VHP bio-decontamination specialists will be happy to share useful information that may help you in meeting the new Annex 1 requirements.

Do not miss attending a free day dedicated to environmental and process monitoring that regulate the production of sterile drugs, practical and operational approaches regarding the adaptation to the new Annex 1 to better face the necessary changes.

The event day will include:

  • Discussion on how to interpret the new Annex 1
  • Business cases applied to Annex 1
  • Q&A sessions and networking

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Participation is free upon registration. At the end of the day a certificate of participation will be issued.

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